Facial Treatments

  • Express Resurfacing facial 30 min

    Works with all skin types. Skin feels smooth and refreshed. Designed for those on the go and delivers maximum results in minimal time.

  • Deep Cleansing balance facial 60 mins

    Intensive anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory purifying treatment. Remove dead skin, blackheads, whiteheads and unblock pores. Re-balances the skin for more even and refined texture.

  • Ultra Hydration facial 60mins

    Instant and intensive hydration treatment for moisture-starved skin. Ultrasonic machine treatment w hyaluronic acid and ultra recovering mask. Skin is revitalised, plump and refreshed.

  • Age Defying facial 60mins

    A highly stimulating anti-aging, lifting and wrinkle correcting treatment that infuses the skin with core anti-aging ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Growth factors. Smooth away fine lines for a younger plumper looking skin.

  • Radiance Whitening facial 60mins

    Reveal more youthful, healthy skin with an instant illuminating treatment containing active ingredients with brightening properties and Vitamin C concentrate. Reduce discolouration, pigmentation, acne scarring and even out skin tone. Recovers skin from free radical damage and renews the epidermal layer of skin.

  • Revitalizing Eye ritual 60mins

    Reduce dark eye circles and puffiness with an instantly hydrating and nourishing eye treatment. Revitalises and illuminates tired eyes.

  • Deluxe Activ'kaviar rejuvenating facial 80 min

    A luxurious facial treatment containing essential amino acids, triglycerides, and vitamins A & D for your skin. Skin is instantly radiant and firm with a combination of French caviar extracts, natural fermented coconut milk and red seaweed extract.

  • Skin Renewing Facial Peels - 60 min

    We have a variety of different products and strengths to suit you and your skin type. Whether you want to increase hydration/tone/elasticity, reduce fine lines / oil / pigmentation / scarring, or just give your skin a boost to maintain skin health and radiance, we’ve got something for you.

    1. Diamond peel – microdermabrasion
    2. Light peel – chemical peel
    3. White peel – chemical peel
    4. Beta acne peel – chemical peel