Advanced Facial Treatment

Carbon Laser facial

The secret to instantly radiant skin, the Carbon Facial, also known as the ‘China Doll Facial’ or ‘Hollywood Facial’, is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that was first made popular in Asia to achieve a flawless complexion. It is now in demand around the world.


  1. Tightens and reduces enlarged pores
  2. Cleans, tones and purifies congested complexions
  3. Treats acne/blackheads and reduces acne scarring
  4. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  5. Improves skin smoothness and clarity
  6. Reduces appearance of skin dis-colourations
  7. Exfoliates dead, dry and coarse skin cells
  8. Stimulates new collagen and elastin production
  9. Promotes an instantly brighter, more radiant skin tone
  10. Results get better with each treatment 
  • Full face 60mins

  • Full face and neck 75mins

  • Full face, neck and décolletage 90mins

  • Upper back 60mins


Collagen Induction micro needling system MTS

The most effective tool for skin rejuvenation, we use the dermapen, delivering cutting edge technology and uncompromising safety. Collagen Induction Treatment reprogram the function of your skin to create healthier, firmer and more smoothly textured skin.

Recommended for increasing collagen formation for smoother, tighter skin, reducing acne scarring, pore size and improving overall skin texture. Also reduces pigmentation, diminishes stretch marks (new) and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. MTS improves cellular communication and assists your skin to operate at optimal efficiency. The downtime is relatively short, in fact most people notice the redness and swelling reduce in a few hours.

The treatment is suitable for most people, and only takes around 60minutes – We apply a topical anaesthetic to make the treatments as comfortable as possible.

For the greatest improvement in your skin, we recommend a course of 6 treatments

  • Full face MTS 60mins

  • A course of MTS treatments are available please talk to our friendly staff for more information.

IPL skin rejuvenation

IPL skin rejuvenation treatment is safe, non-invasive and highly effective skin renewal treatment by stimulating collagen grown. It reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out irregularities, close large pore and enhance your skin’s overall luminosity.

There is no down time after treatment because IPL uses multiple wavelengths of light, it is not technically a laser—so it works without causing any deep resurfacing, just some minor redness. Some people see sufficient results after the first session, but usually we recommend three to five sessions, one month apart, with maintenance visits twice a year.

  • Full face 30mins

  • Neck 15mins

  • Décolletage 30mins

  • A course of IPL skin rejuvenation treatments are available please talk to our friendly therapist for more information.

LED light therapy treatment

LED Light Therapy treatments stimulate skin tissue to regenerate and improve the skin’s appearance. We offer three types of light therapy for different skin conditions:

Blue Light Therapy for the treatment of acne

This non-invasive treatment helps to minimise acne/breakouts. It is a blue light emitting diode (LED) specifically tuned to activate natural chemicals found in the bacteria that causes redness in acne. When stimulated, these chemicals destroy the bacteria. The light also stimulates cells in your body that help with the healing process.

Red Light Therapy for the treatment of anti-aging

Red Light Therapy works to rejuvenate skin for a brighter, fresher and healthier appearance. The red light emitting diode (LED) helps the skin’s own natural defence mechanisms reverse some of the signs of ageing, such as uneven skin tone plus decreased collagen and elastin.

Purple Light Therapy combination the power of Blue light and Red light together to boost the collagen production.

  • 30mins

  • 60mins

  • A course of light therapy treatments are available please talk to our friendly therapist for more information.